Euharlee Covered Bridge

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Ghosts and Hauntings

The covered bridge in Euharlee has historic significance not only to the town of Euharlee but to the state of Georgia as well. The current structure was built in 1886 by Washington King, the son of a freeman builder Horace King.  It replaced the previous structure that was washed away during a flood. The bridge is of Town lattice construction and each piece was pre cut and numbered then assembled in place.

The stories featured on the internet and other outlets such as The Shadowlands are entirely untrue and based upon urban legend. If you read these accounts of what happened there, it is always referred to a young Native American girl was hung from the rafters and and you can still hear the ghostly rope swinging. Prior to investigating the bridge the team and I talked to the local historian whop substantiated that the tale being passed around was false. She began to tell us a story of a small white girl traveling across the bridge with her father by wagon. The girl was being disobedient and rambunctious and began to jump up and down upon the seat of the wagon. As the two were crossing the bridge during one of her jumps her long hair became entangled in the rafters and she came down which instantly snapped her neck.

Upon investigating the site we determined that it was best to use only still cameras, video cameras , and digital recorders. If you ever visit Euharlee do not take an EMF meter because they are useless. Due to the close proximity to the power plant(3/4 mile) and two flowing water sources ( the Euharlee Creek which is directly under the bridge and The Etowah River which is just a few hundred yards upstream) the ambient EMF level of the entire town is higher and constantly fluctuates.  During our investigation we did gather a few EVP’s but no photographic or video evidence.

The bridge is property of Bartow County and is locked at night by the Euharlee Police Department, although not on a regular basis. It is advised that anyone wanting to investigate the site seek the permission of the City of Euharlee and the Euharlee Police Department due to the amount of vandalism that has occurred at the site.

  1. GeorgiaGirl says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts per se, though I do sometimes think that there are evil spirits that may dwell around a place. I will never forget the first time I visited the Euharlee Bridge. I was in my late teens or early twenties, with my parents and siblings; we were all out for a drive, and we stopped at the bridge for some pictures. My mother, who is a level-headed person and not at all clumsy, suddenly fell forward, dropping her camera on the steps. She insisted that she had been pushed hard in the back, but no one was near her. She has held all this time that she felt someone push her. Recently I discovered the legends, something I never knew about before. I have to say, it’s pretty weird.

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